Monday, May 14, 2012

Wedding Games Prizes

Originally, Mark and I didn’t want to “insert” games on our wedding program, but since our emcee was too consistent and promise that this should be a part of the program, he finally convinced us both agreed to have this as a part of the wedding activity.

Honestly, games do not excite me that much, and I really hate participating to this activity. It gives me this weird feeling plus the 100% nervousness thinking that everyone would make fun of me if I lose the game. I guess I’m no sport after all. Hehe.

But then again, we’ve got no choice but to do this, and since we are going to be the main host of the wedding party, it’s actually A-ok for me. 

So, games would mean a winner, and winner would mean – a Prize! :D

Mark thought of giving Starbucks Gift cert, but I disagreed with his idea, because I find this quite typical already. Here’s what I decided to give to our two lucky winner! ♥

For the girl winner: Bath Set
For the boy: Swiss Knife 

Simple yet elegant eh? Ohh, I forgot to mention that this is REALLY inexpensive. 

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