Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Suppliers Meal ♥

There are wedding suppliers who can make or break a well-prepared wedding. So even if Mark and I are going to pay for their services, we both decided to give them good-food on top of their charges. We are not going to ask them to buy their own food with the crew allowance that is stated on their contract; but we are going to order delicious foods for them. Mind you, most of the wedding suppliers are already “sick” of fast-food foods.   So I suggest, if you are on tight budget check out this supplier, who offers really affordable packed foods.

I’ve read positive reviews about them, and one of my friends, who also got their services during their wedding, rated them 5 stars. 

Here's their website:

Photo grabbed from their Website

Ordering meals from them is actually more affordable than summing up all the crew meal allowance for all your suppliers. ♥ 

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