Tuesday, May 1, 2012

DIY: Paper Flowers

Hello there bride to be’s! Yesterday, I’ve been very frustrated about the centerpieces we are going to use at the reception. I love Great Eastern Hotel (GEH), but there is no way we are going to use the centerpieces they are going to provide for our wedding party. It’s just too sad that we have already paid in full, and we can no longer refund the amount we have shed for their floral arrangement. There’s a mistake on our part too, since h2b and I became too complacent that the flowers and POTS, (yes, flower pots!) would suit our taste and motif. 

I am really sad that we paid more than 8K just to get those not so pleasing to the eyes flowers. Not a smart move! But hey, that shouldn’t make me a bridezilla, besides, I am already eyeing for a simple look. (kunwari lang!)

Even h2b agreed with my decision that we are only going to put our table names per table.  After all we are going to have a Lauriat style set up, so there’s no need for extravagant thingamabobs because we are thinking that 5 viands plus soup and rice wouldn’t fit the Lazy Susan.  No wonder almost all of the pictures I have seen online wherein the wedding reception took place doesn’t have a centerpiece. Because it just looks horrible! Hehe. Their flowers and POTS are not appropriate for a wedding atmosphere. Sigh.

On the other side, we’ve got no choice but to let them decorate the venue but we are not allowing them to put any centerpieces per table. Just table names we have DIY'ed.

However – as I was searching the Internet yesterday for possible non-floral designs, I stumbled to Martha Stewart Weddings website, and tried to make the paper flowers. It was a trial and error part, because I’ve wasted a couple of tissue papers (sorry office), and some crepe papers, but then, since practice makes perfect; I was able to make some “picture-perfect” paper flowers. haha! While I am already on the verge of planning of using these paper flowers as an additional centerpieces for our tables guest, one of my agents said that they are going to shoulder the expenses for the flowers for our reception centerpieces. Sweet, isn’t it? Gee, I couldn’t thank them enough! Thank you Klaine for the offer! hiya ako talaga! ☻☻☻ and so with the rest of my Team Chicago Girls!!! 

Even if I am no longer going to make these paper flowers, let me share you the pics that I took yesterday when I made it.  


  1. Yay! Welcome tl, hihi..and thanks din! :) we love you kaya don't worry, be happy! Basta for you, we'll do anything! Mwah!


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