Friday, May 11, 2012

Happy Birthday Bloggingb2b

My blog will have its 1st birthday this coming 17 (I suppose this is going to be my blog’s last birthday); while I had my 26th birthday last May 8. (but this ain’t going to be my last birthday) hehe. We just had a very extra-simple celebration.

Breakfast at McDonalds and some home-cooked meals made my birthday extra special, because (1.) I was able to celebrate my birthday with my super loving, HANDSOME, caring, bubbly, funny and trustworthy hubby to be (2.) After a couple of years being a yuppie, my mom treated me again. (3.) My dad was present and was able to celebrate my birthday with me and (4.) THIS IS MY LAST BIRTHDAY BEING A SINGLE LADY! Woot Woot.

So here's my birthday cake! ♥

A wholesome, yet naughty gift from a friend

and my special guest! XIAN LIM!!! haha


  1. happy birthday to your blog and to you too sis! I hope you had a blast. :D God bless..


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