Tuesday, April 24, 2012

10 tips from a BrideChilla

Tip number 1: As much as possible, stay away from wedding magazines. You can use them as an inspiration, but not to the extent that you rely on them.  If you know deep inside that you do not have enough budget, try not to look for a supplier from a wedding magazine. (Sorry, just a personal experience) Almost all of the suppliers in wedding magazines are HIGH-END. Take it from me; their rates are one way or another costly.  Look for other resources, there’s the Internet, forums and the Phone Book Directory ! Yes phone book directory- this led me to Great Eastern Hotel! If I get to have my own wedding magazine, I will advertise also the affordable suppliers ☻☻☻ hihi

Tip number 2: Scout. Scout and Scout. Don’t get tempted to book the suppliers you see. Learn how to compare and contrast, and check what they have to offer. Look for reviews first, both good and bad.  

Tip number 3: Ask for a friend who can help you, and not to criticize you. Yes they can share some ideas and advices, but please! Never ever talk to someone who has nothing to say except negative things about your plans for your big day.

Tip number 4: Talk to a former bride and bride to be. Share experiences with them. Take it from me, they can share a lot of ideas and tips with you. 

Tip number 5: Plan ahead of time. Don't be too lax. 

Tip number 6: Learn the art of pencil booking. Price locks are very important with couples who are planning to have a budgeted wedding. Also, if you get to book a supplier 8-12 months before the wedding, chances are you will benefit with their old rates. Most suppliers increase their rates yearly. So example, if you book them on 2011, and your wedding is 2012, your rates are going to be for 2011 rates, even if your wedding is still on 2012. Just make sure to ask your suppliers if they do price locks.

Tip number 7: Buy a clear book, and keep all your contracts handy. Just make sure you do not misplace it. Because if you lose the clear book, then you need to find a way to reproduce the documents and contracts once more!

Tip number 8: DIY. DIY. DIY. If you are really crafty, try to DIY (DO-IT-YOURSELF). IN my case, I am really not that crafty, but due to the means that we have to chomp our wedding expenses, I tried it real hard to DIY things just to lessen our wedding expenses.

Tip number 9: Arrange your guest list way ahead of time. This is one of the crucial things you ought to do a couple of months before the big day. It is not easy to decide whom you need to invite (unless you really have a big budget). So sit down with your hubby to be and discuss with each other who are worth inviting for. Hehe.

Tip number 10: Enjoy the entire wedding planning process. There will be times that you and your hubby to be would fight over small things about the wedding details (haha), but make sure to patch things up. It is not easy to plan for a wedding, so do not carry the entire burden. Both of you should plan for the wedding. Share ideas and support each other. Trust me, planning for a wedding will make your relationship stronger and even better! ☻ 


  1. Tip Number 4 - Perfect! :-)

    1. bongga ano ms zee. may pa tip tip pa akong nalalaman! i will definitely miss wedding preps!!!

  2. Pwede naman from Certified Bridechilla to Certified Wedding Planner :-)

    1. i might trail a new blog ms zee. from bridechilla to wifechilla. hahaha! magiging title ay: Adventures of a Wife. lol

  3. Hello, sis! It's me kikay_machine from Girltalk. :)
    Your tips are very helpful. We're planning to have a lot of DIYs and I also have a clear book (it's colored pink! para kikay talaga. haha) where we will keep all our contracts and receipts.

    Best wishes again and God bless your marriage, future wifechilla! <3

    1. Hi sis!!! :) you're welcome! enjoy mo lang ang wedding preps. wag mag papaka stress! ay buti ka pa pink ang clear book mo, ako nung transparent talaga. ang mahal kasi nung mga nakita ko na pink sa NBS eh. haha. kuripot lang. lol! PM mo lang ako if you have questions. ♥


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