Thursday, April 19, 2012

My Wedding Gown - checked! ♥

It has been a very busy week for h2b and I. We were able to complete a lot of things and even if there were some glitches, everything went pretty well!

Our first stop last Tuesday:
We went to Rosy’s Bridal shop to claim my most- awaited wedding dress. I was really surprised with all the freebies they gave me; and even if I have read negative reviews about them in the past, as early as now, I’d like to give them 5 stars! They were able to meet the time frame I gave them, and overall, I love the way how they took care of everything! Plus, they gave h2b and I a lot of favors! :D I just couldn’t thank them enough for giving us a superb service, even if we had to haggle them a couple of times. They even gave us a very low price for our dad’s barong. Tee Hee! As over-rated as it may seem, I consider them as one of our best Major supplier!

Here are the “freebies” that came along with the wedding gown we have bought from them. 

*Wedding Cord
*Secondary Veil
*Wedding Veil plus tiara
*2 Pillows
*Throw Bouquet – made of ribbons only
*Wedding Cord
*and last but not the least, MY WEDDING GOWN!!! 

We won't be able to use the accessories they gave us, because we had some of our wedding accessories, customized. 

We really got a good deal with them, and up to now, I cannot thank them enough for wiping away the doubts I had about them. ♥ So if you have read some not so good reviews about them, it could be an isolated case only. Just a piece of advice when you book them, talk and negotiate with them 4-5 months before the big day, so they get to have ample time making your wedding attire ☻

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