Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A tip from a Bridechilla ♥

Just like other hands on bride to be’s; I had a couple of snags and hitches dealing with some of our wedding suppliers. Some would not reply; while others would confirm after a couple of days.  I really dislike it if I don’t get any replies or a simple confirmation about my inquiry. Thinking this is a business, and as much as possible, suppliers should be considered as the backbone of the bride/couples during the wedding preps; and they shouldn’t give problems. While most of the wedding suppliers really know how to take good care of their clients; there are a few who wouldn’t even care if they lose a prospected client.

Yes, being a hands-on bride to be is really not that easy; but it’s not easy as well being a wedding supplier. They have to meet the demands of every couple, and they should always meet and exceed every expectation of their clients. We on the other hand shouldn’t always blame the downfall of every supplier we booked; let’s try to weigh things first, and check what is really the root cause of the problem. Is it really with the supplier? Or the shortcoming is from our part?

If you are ranting about something, try to listen on the other side of the coin. Ranting won’t do any good, as it could turn the worst in you. Try not to be a bridezilla. Now, if you have realized that the shortcoming is really with your supplier, then that’s the time you talk to them without shouting, ranting, and cursing them. Talk to them in a very nice way, and ask for an explanation and for their contingency plan. I bet all wedding suppliers have their own plan B. I know it’s really not easy to encounter problems most especially if you have only few days left before the big day, but remember, every problem has a solution. And mind you, it is easier to solve something if you’re calm. But then again, it’s not easy to be calm, that’s why you need to have someone who can really be there for you (a good friend, family, and the Man up there) and help you patch things up.

So for the entire bride’s out there, big patience is a must too. =) Don’t procrastinate and make sure to plan ahead of time; that way you don’t cram. After all, stress won’t do any good most especially for wedding preps.  Take it from me, because as early as now, I can truly say I am already in a tranquil mode. =) Just waiting for the big day! 

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