Tuesday, April 24, 2012

This is my Dream Wedding

Getting married is not that easy, and so with wedding budgeting. When Mark and I decided to get married, I was a bit anxious about the expenses we might incur all throughout the preparation stage. I am not that confident, and I even thought of that the wedding might not push through since we won’t be able to pay the suppliers in time.

Luckily, or I should say, I am more than thankful that we were able to make it and was able to allot more than what we can. I know for sure that this budgeted, simple and not so intimate wedding (yes we do have a lot of guests) will be memorable even if we didn’t break the bank.

During the early stage of our wedding preps, I thought that a couple need to spend that much just to achieve their dream wedding, and right now, with only 30 days left before our big day, I came to realize that we need not to spend that much just to have our dream wedding. After all, this is my dream wedding! – To get married with Mark. To exchange vows with Mark, and let our families, friend and the MAN up there know how much we love each other.

As early as now, we were able to pay all the suppliers ahead the deadline, and I am very proud to say that this is indeed our wedding. We paid for it with our own effort and hard work. Now that everything is falling in its right place, there is NO ONE, who can make me feel depressed if they say undesirable things about our plans for the big day. 


  1. Hi! Found your blog via your comment left at The Rebellious Brides blog. :-) I so agree with you on this post. Before I got engaged, I never imagined how costly it can be to get married. The day I started planning my wedding, I thought, Oh gush, why didn't I ever think of saving for my wedding years before? Luckily, all the planning and budgeting paid off, and we got married without breaking the bank or incurring a huge debt. Kudos to brides like us! :-D Best wishes!

    1. kudos to budgeted brides like us Mareeyah! ♥♥♥ and for the record, we need not to break the bank just to have a beautiful and memorable wedding ;)


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