Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Photo booth backdrop - checked! ♥

I am really giddy today, because tonight, our supplier for photobooth already emailed the layout they made based on our motif!

It really looks perfect in my eyes, and even my MOH loved it! I can no longer wait to see the output, & too excited to pose in front of the booth already. Tee hee.

 I just hope that Mark gets to give a good shot on our wedding day. He's really camera SHY! ♥ Haha! (sorry baby for saying this) Most of our photobooth shots during the bridal fair looked really hilarious.

But this is one of my favorite photo booth moments we had during the entire wedding preps. Our first photo booth affair, ever! 

My hands are getting itchy and I already want to post the design they sent me! ♥

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