Friday, December 16, 2011

Wedding invitations = Checked! ☻

8 days to go and it’s already Christmas Eve. This is the first Christmas that h2b and I won’t be celebrating this special holiday season together .

And since 2012 is fast approaching, we are almost complete with our things to do, and we were able to accomplishment our major tasks. So wedding preps have been going a lil bit slowly these days.

However, this wouldn’t stop me from updating my blog with our wedding preps and accomplishments – and this time, let me share the real sample invitations we're going to give out to our BELOVED guests. The way how I am going to tie these with metallic ribbons is still undecided. I'll share the actual "packaging" as soon as we're done with the prototype. hehe ♥

Please note that I have blurred out their names and some pertinent information about the wedding.

So here’s my DIY wedding layout. Yes! I did that layout from Microsoft Word and had someone printed it for me. To eliminate my anxieties cutting out the edges and making sure that the special paper looks like a real wedding invitation, we'll have them printed by a "real" wedding invitation supplier. (Thank you sis simplyme!)

Oh, by the way, yesterday was h2b’s birthday and gladfully, we were able to celebrate this special time together. And since we promised not to spend until the wedding day is finally over, I just cooked his favorite pasta, ordered some homemade cookies and cupcakes while mom bought his favorite Puto Pao.  

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