Friday, December 2, 2011

DIY - Our wedding map

Doing the layouts for wedding invitations is probably the most challenging part of my DIY’s. I have to think very carefully the positioning of the names, and everything must be aligned correctly to look well-ordered. This has been a demanding task for me most especially that I am not apt in Photoshop or even MS Paint. I just love how our final invitations looked like, and my friends, even noted that my layout looks quite astonishing!

We’ll be having 4 pages for our invites. 1 for the main page; 1 for the bridal entourage; 1 for the map then for the RSVP.

Apart from thinking of the design that we used for the layouts, one of the most difficult part in creating our invites is the wedding map. We all know that women and maps do not match. I don’t know where to start and it really is hard to explain the directions thru a map. Good thing there is Google Maps & Microsoft Powerpoint. These tools are just so powerful! Oh and by the way, I did this for 5 straight hours. I am too OC and I wanted the lines to look perfect and real straight. Hehe. But unfortunately, the lines do not look perfect yet. I still have to adjust as to remove the edgy corners.

For the benefit of the other brides who are so into DIY's and clueless how to make a wedding map, let me share the steps how to work on this tricky part of the wedding invites. 

·         Open Microsoft powerpoint. Just use the blank slide ;)

·        Open Google Maps then click Get directions

·         * Type in the ceremony and reception venue. In our case, for Text Box A, I typed in St. John Bosco Parish, Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines then for Text Box B, I typed in Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines.

·          Click Get directions

·         * Once the map has been generated, ensure that you zoom in/zoom out so you’d get a perfect area of the map that you’d want to trace

·         * Press Print Screen on your Keyboard

·         * Then paste it on your Blank Powerpoint slide. Crop the areas that you do not want to trace and resize the pictures so it would fit in the blank slide.

·       *   Using the shapes (like lines, curve tool) start tracing the roads that you would like to put on your wedding map. (Remember, this step is quite tedious most especially if you’re a bit OC like me. I actually had a hard time tracing the lines since my right hand is shaky. :D Once you’ve traced out all the lines, do not forget to add the labels for each landmark. Just key in the landmark that you would like to appear on your map. Putting too much landmark might confuse your guests. You can add the text by using the “Text Box” tool.

·       *  Once you’re done tracing and labeling the maps, you can now delete the Google map you have pasted in the background. =)

·         * Once deleted, do the finishing touches. You can re-do the lines, and delete the extra edges to make it neater.

Here’s the finish wedding map I have created. Simple yet understandable. haha. ♥

You can also try wedding mapper if you want your guests to view your map online. ♥

If you're having a hard time creating your own wedding map, let me know, I can help out! 

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