Thursday, December 1, 2011

Wedding Rings - Checked! ♥

Last weekend, h2b and I already bought our wedding rings at SM Sucat, My Gold. However, before we decided to buy the wedding rings, we were just eyeing for simple plain wedding bands only. Simple rings to the extent that we mutually decided to buy stainless steel rings in lieu of white gold. We both believe that it's not about the price that matters if you are going to buy a wedding ring, but rather the blessing of the rings. After all, it will still be called a wedding ring after the wedding whether it's expensive or not. 

And so we decided to go to Imono (they were on sale that time) and saw this very elegant ring that made us feel the “this is it moment again”. But since they were on sale, the only available items were the only ones on their racks. Unfortunately, since the sizes of our ring fingers are not that big, we weren’t able to get the rings we wanted to buy from them. By the way, these rings have diamonds too, so it just looks perfect to my eyes! ;)

Their rings are such a great steal and are highly recommended for couples who are looking for a very affordable wedding ring! Who would even thought that elegant looking rings would only cost as much as 700 per pair up to 2500 (pair). Yes! Super super tipid talaga. It may not be as expensive as the other wedding rings, but other couples can opt to buy these rings if they are on a really tight budget.

Not convinced that you can use stainless steel rings for your wedding? See for yourself:

Aside from stainless steel wedding rings, couples who are on a very tight budget can also check Sterling Silver wedding rings. Unisilver, SilverWorks and Filigrenesia offer wide variety of wedding rings at an affordable rate. Mind you, if you don’t know anything about jewelries, you can’t even tell the difference between silver and a white gold.
If you’re not into silver, or stainless steel; tungsten wedding rings are also in nowadays. Silverworks has their new line of tungsten rings and the price only ranges from 1,200 to 3,400. Some of these rings have diamonds too.

And since we weren’t able to get the rings from Imono, we then decided to go to My Gold and bought a pair of White Gold wedding rings. It may not be as affordable as compared to the first ring we have canvassed, but still we were both happy because we just loved the simplicity of the wedding ring. ;) Mark and I are both excited to wear them already. I can’t stop looking at them, and of course, inserting them on my ring finger! :D  Their wedding rings rate starts at 5600 per pair. We got ours at 15,000k but only paid 12K (pair) since we paid in cash. They offered us the lay away plan, but Mark and I were after the discount so we decided to pay it in cash instead. Yet, we still find this affordable, since some of the rings that were sold inside the mall starting price would be 35K.  (and we just can't afford that) hehe. :D 

Let me show off my engagement ring too which Mark gave me last February of this year ;)  The two -toned ring is our promise ring. haha. 

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