Thursday, December 1, 2011

Bridal Entourage Gowns for Rent ♥

Little by little, our wedding plans are already falling in its right place. Our wedding attires have been procured, hotel accommodations have been confirmed and our wedding accessories are almost complete. In less than 6 months, everything’s going to change and most likely, articles in this blog will no longer be updated. 

They say that once a bride starts fitting her wedding gown is most likely the best feeling she would ever encounter during the wedding preparation stage. But this is somehow different from my experience. I didn’t feel giddy at all when I tried to fit my RTW wedding gown, but rather only a *bit* excited. I was actually a bit worried how to conceal my baby fats and how to hide my big shoulders. hehe :D But aside from that, what keeps me from worrying are the negative reviews I have read about our bridal gown supplier. There was an instance wherein one of their previous clients emailed me and gave me the link to her blog which clearly defined how stressful this supplier can be.  One of my friends also mentioned that they really have a problem in terms of time management but then again, this didn’t stop me from booking them, but hence, 100% trusted them. I am not even sure if Mark and I made the right move, but then again, there’s no harm in trying. And we're hoping that these reviews may be just an isolated case, and we’re hoping and praying that we wouldn’t encounter the same dilemmas their previous clients have experienced. Mind you, even if I am super addicted planning about our wedding, I wasn’t that excited about my wedding gown, since I am not the type of bride who would spend too much for a dress that I couldn’t even wear most of the time. To believe it or not, my wedding gown was just a part of our miscellaneous expenses :D

Speaking of wedding gown, Mark and I went to our gown supplier last Sunday and asked for a formal quotation for our entourage gowns. Since this would be just a one day affair only and my friends who are included on the entourage are shouldering the expenses for their gowns, we opted to rent the gowns, instead of buying them. What I really love about this supplier is we can have their gowns made-to –order but instead of buying them, it will only be rented . (first users)  

To give you an idea about the prices, I am going to share the rates they quoted me last time (This is applicable for Made to order rental services

Maid of honor: 925 (Chiffon)
Mothers: 1200
Father: 1200 (Pina Cocoon Barong)
Secondary Sponsors and bridesmaid: 795(Chiffon)
Coin, Ring, Bible Bearer’s Barong: 150
Flower girls: 695 (this one’s a bit pricey, I’m not pretty sure why, but they also have other FG gowns for only 395 depending on the design.

Before they quoted me, I showed them my sample; however, I didn’t find their quotation quite practical so I had to ask them to show me some of their designs wherein the price ranges from 600-900 pesos only. This is for the benefit of my entourage too since we don’t want them to shed that much for our wedding. So they showed me a long gown and the type of cloth they used was chiffon, which I am really eyeing for. So pasok ito sa banga! My BM’s and SS are going to wear cocktail dress, while my MOH would wear a long gown. Same cut (empire), same color (pink gown and the lining would be brown). Less complexities. 

Let me share the 2 pictures I took during our 2nd visit at RBC –  ;) Thank you Kuya Elmer for being so nice and very patient with me. :D Disclaimer: the 2 pictures below are not the actual gowns we are going to rent from them - but rather theinspiration :D 
My Maid of Honor, bridesmaids and Secondary sponsors gown color would be pink and  the lining would be brown ♥

For flower girls - my little girls gown would be brown and the of course, the lining and the flowers would be pink ;) 
So if you're interested to book my supplier, here's their contact info. My take on it? Keep on calling them and ask for an update. We're still the customers, and we're always right ♥ This is also one of the major reasons why Mark and I decided to book them earlier and demanded that ALL our gowns must be finished on March 2012 ;) That's 2 months before the wedding! 

Contact info: Rosy's Bridal Shop - 8321616

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