Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Our Wedding Caricature

I’ve been a sucker of caricatures  lately but due to budget constraint, I opted to create monograms instead to exude a  touch of our personalities on our labels and invitations. Good thing, one of my agents who also happen to be a part of my photographers dream team, gave Mark and I a wedding portrait caricature ☻ 
(Thank you so much Adrian for the super advance wedding gift.)

Thank you Adrian with you kindness, and for giving me enough reasons to alter our wedding invitations again for the Nth time. But to be honest, I like the “newer” version of our invites though. It's now more personalized, and looks even classier. Haha.  

Presenting, our wedding caricature! ♥

I edited the original copy and added Mark's mole ☻☻☻

And here's a glimpse of the newer version of our invitations. Again, I blurred out the pertinent information ♥ 

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