Friday, January 6, 2012

Our Tables Names instead of Table Numbers ♥

Happy New Year bride to be’s! My first post for the year 2012. Gee, I thought we are almost complete with our to do tasks but when I started using and checking my 2012 planner, it looks like Mark and I would have a very tight schedule before the wedding day. Hopefully, before January ends, we have already paid our major suppliers.

Last year, which was just a few days back, Mark and I started working on our seating arrangements. It was a very mind-numbing task since we have to make sure that the guests per table at least know each other. What’s more demanding here is that the guest per table must be even, as to make use of the packages we’re going to get from the hotel, most especially that we are paying by the tables and not per head.

Once we were done gathering the guests who know each other, we started plotting the table positioning. Being a DIY princess wanna bride-to-be, of course, I am thinking of doing our own table numbers. I have already downloaded a lot of templates before, but then there are some guests who seem to think that the bigger their number is, the less important they are to the couple. At a wedding, tables are usually recognized by a number. However, this can sometimes end in a supposed hierarchy with people complaining they are seated only at a bigger number. Ex: "I'm only at table 14 where so and so is on table 4".

So I decided to have table names instead to replace table numbers.  

There are lots of ideas to use for table names, such as: favorite movies, hobbies, places that the couples visited; however, I felt that these may be quite limited, most especially that Mark and I spent the days of our bf-gf relationship just staying at my house. Yes, we opted to stay at home instead of going and dining out. We’d rather cuddle than to be adventurous, but mind you – doing this over and over didn’t bore our relationship. But we promised each other to be more exciting right after the wedding. I think it would also be odd to use the movies we’ve watched together, since we are not a big fan of cheesy movies, but rather enjoyed watching scary movies.  It’s way too strange if we’d name some tables such as: The Final Destination, The Grudge, Saw, etc.

And so, I just decided, to describe the factors that make our relationship grow better and better each day for our table names. The words that sum up our very HAPPY relationship. ;)  

To save on printing costs, we are only going to use black damask pattern, instead of matching the color of the table names to our motif. We’ll just use specialty paper (courtesy of National Bookstore) and have ‘em printed from a local computer shop :D ahehe ;)

So here’s our sample table names!

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