Friday, January 20, 2012

Thoughts about our upcoming E- Session

For the past few months, I wasn’t that really into our engagement photo shoot. However, as the pictorial day gets nearer and nearer, I am already starting to feel giddy, and cannot organize my thoughts which inspiration to follow – since my thinking cap is sharing too much ideas.

I always wanted to have a colorful yet “vintageous” photo shoot, that’s why we opted to have our pictorial at Philippine Air force Museum. Looking and searching for props to bring during the pictorial is not an easy task to do, but thank you to the ever reliable Internet, and I was able to find some pegs and mood board to fit in the theme that I want to happen. I am not that sure if my photographer would be able to pull off the ideas I have in mind, but I made sure that he knows very well the inspirations I have in mind – and I want to have a colorful, happy, vintage look on the pictures. Would that be possible? Hopefully yes!

I can no longer wait to wear the REAL wedding gown and other dresses that our good ol’ friends lent us for this pictorial. For the record, Mark and I didn’t have to buy our E-Session attires, since our friends are kind enough to lend us all these things! Thank you so much boys and gels.

As soon as the e-session is already done, I'd share some snippets and highlights during the photoshoot.  – I am still not sure if everything goes well as the way I envision it, but there’s one thing for sure that I do not want to happen during our e-session day, and that is to RAIN! :D

This picture was taken last year during our ocular visit in PAF. The girl in stripes is my MOH, while the girl wearing black is one of my bridesmaids ♥ 

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