Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Offbeat accessories for our wedding

Few months ago, I’ve already said cheerio to traditional wedding accessories, and decided to go for unconventional accessories instead. I can still remember H2b was doubtful with my ideas, thinking that the church wouldn’t let us march if we use these accessories. As far as I am concern, there are no rules with the type of accessories we can use on our wedding day. Couples can tend to be creative to the nth power, and they can opt to be unique whenever they want to – granted that it doesn’t hurt, insult and affect the usual norm.

I have started with beaded bouquets, crystal boutonnieres, flower girls not carrying flowers but rather teddy bears (so how do I call them right now?) down to unique pens. And just yesterday I spent almost half of my day checking substitutes for our other wedding paraphernalia’s.

The last time Mark and I shopped for wedding accessories, I almost bought a ring and arrhae pillow, but Mark disagreed to do so, since he wasn’t open to the idea with pillows that has a teddy bear on it. He said that this is fairly awkward to see our bearers to bringing pillows with teddy bears on it. Being open with his suggestions, I just agreed, but still silently look for other possible options. 

Thank you to the Internet, and it never stopped providing so many ideas for every budgeted bride. Unfortunately, not all options available on the internet can be sourced out here in the country, and most of these adorable suggestions can only be purchased with the bridal stores in US (if I’m not mistaken) So the only solution here is to check for possible resources and scout for something similar with the “inspirations” I have seen online.

So here are the inspirations I’ve seen online, and 100% wholeheartedly apply on our wedding day.

Inspiration number 1:
The box
This box will replace the usual shiny white pillow that ring bearers carry as they walk down the aisle. I find the pillow quite “gasgas” already and opted to replace it with something unique that would secure the mock wedding rings. :D    

If you have an antique jewelry box, you can use it, but just like in my case, I am going to source this “something similar” in Papemelroti. They are several decoupage wooden boxes for and you can have it customized. Good thing they do not have a minimum order for the box I have chosen! :D Here’s a glimpse of how it looks like.

Inspiration number 2: The book

Aside from the decoupage box, I am also thinking of getting a book just like the picture shown above. Thank you again to Papemelroti, and they are selling a wooden book like this! :) Just a little bit expensive as compared to the wooden box. This costs 249.00. (still not bad eh?).

Here's Papemelroti's wooden book version:
Such offbeat, isn’t it? Who would have thought that there are rings inside the “book” unless you open it? ;)

So if you're interested to replace the usual pillow, you can check this link and might help you give a lot of ideas! :) One of my friend's who's getting married this month is using a DIY's flower bed in lieu of the white pillow.

As per the arrhae holder, I'm planning to forgo the original arrhae case holder that we bought from wedding library, and thinking of buying something unique too. Or if I couldn't find something extraordinary, might as well have the arrhae bearer hold the arrhae alone ♥

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