Monday, January 9, 2012

Pamamanhikan, super checked! ♥

Yesterday H2b and I already had the pamamanhikan. To my anticipation, I knew from the very start that our families would really get along with each other. Isn’t it really nice to see two families really jive so well and treat each other so warmly?

I’ve heard a lot of stories from B2b’s and present wives about their so-called monster in laws, but I am pretty glad that I am not on this position. I have loved my future in laws from the very start Mark introduced me to them and treated them as if I am related to them by blood. But the time H2b’s family got the chance to finally meet my mom yesterday,   everything significantly changed, and there’s this connection that really made me feel so close to them, and made me realize that I am really really thankful to have them as my future in laws, and love them even more!  J Yes, that’s coming from a Bride-to-be. I am just so proud and couldn’t thank them enough. Of course, my mom also likes them, and she keeps on telling how lucky I am to have accommodating and wonderful future in laws. So I guess, this saying is true after all “Mean begets mean and nice begets nice” ;)

Sharing the very few pictures we took from yesterday’s memorable event.

We didn’t discuss much about the wedding most especially that Mark and I are already through with the planning stage. However, we showed them some of our materials that we'll be using on the wedding ceremony.  

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