Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Budget - Friendly wedding

Getting married these days would probably cost a couple to spend 500,000 of their savings just to get their dream wedding. Lucky enough if these couples came from a wealthy family who don’t have to spend much time budgeting and choosing the most reasonable suppliers in the market. 
When Mark and I planned to get married, we originally wanted to get married thru a fiscal. However, since I am the only girl in our family and my mom and dad never experienced to bring someone at the altar (wedding purposes of course), we decided to get married in church instead.
As clueless as we were, we didn’t know that getting married can be that expensive. All the while, I thought 50,000 would already go a long way. Little did I know that the budget we have set in mind would only go to food and accommodation.  Along the way, and all throughout the planning steage, Mark and I set a budget and committed not to exceed, by all means.
With the help of my friends, I was able to squeeze in the budget we have allocated for 200 guests. Even the most budgeted bride I have met online was also amazed when I shared her the projected breakdown of our expenses until next year.
Here are the list of my best- friends who helped me in finding the most reasonable suppliers:
Google Search
Bridal Fairs
Wedding Magazines
Online Forums (Girl Talk)
  And most especially my dearest friends.

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