Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The quest for my wedding dress -- Part 1 ♥

When I was a little girl (5 years old to be exact), I always dreamt of wearing a gown like Cinderella with a long train and veil, with those hip puffs and gloves and even glass shoes! But as time goes by, my thighs grew larger and tummy got bigger. There even came a time that my waistline became 32 inches and I weighed over 140 lbs. The quest for Cinderella’s wedding gown had banished and my dream of getting married already disappeared with a blink of an eye. I never thought that a guy would fall in love and propose to me, because I already accepted the fact that I will never get married since I was REALLY fat way back then.

I started to lose hope and learned to set my frustrations aside. There was also a point in time where in I already accepted the fact that I can never wear a wedding dress. Good thing, I decided to lose 'some' weight.

It took a while before Mark and I crossed paths. We had to meet a few acquaintances before we went into each others arms. But we can pretty tell that it's really worth the wait.
And so the journey for the wedding preparations has begun.
Church, reception, guests, invites, souvenirs, and most especially, the spice of the ceremony; my wedding gown. ♥

The search for the wedding gown

The search for the wedding gown
Frederick Peralta. Randy Ortiz. Pitoy Moreno. Rajo Laurel.
These names always pop into our minds every time we think of stylish and detailed wedding gowns. Sadly, not every bride can pay for their designs and services. Looking at the other side of the coin, bride nowadays (including me of course) tend to be more practical. Instead of spending half or even 90% of their savings just for a single dress, they have a propensity to rent a dress or to print out a design and hire a professional seamstress to adorn their preferred design.
Just like in my case, I have found almost 100 + dresses but it doesn’t feel right at all. I knew very clearly that it wasn’t for me. There also came a point that I wanted to wear and try everything on. But thinking about the budget we had set for the wedding, trying a lot of bridal gowns and hiring a couturier is already out of the picture.
And so the quest for the perfect wedding dress went on, until I saw a very elegant wedding gown that really struck my heart. It’s like a combination of VERA WANG & MONIQUE LHUILLER design. (Taray! – pang mayaman! :D)
After the long search for the wedding dress, I finally found the right one. I can actually tell that this is the dress that is meant for me. I easily fell in love with it.
As the quest for my wedding dress ends, I would like to impart the lesson I have learned to the future bride-to-be’s. Searching for the perfect wedding gown is not that easy. A bride can find millions of gowns but choosing the perfect dress is simply the hardest thing to do. Sometimes, looking for a gown is like love at first sight. At first, you fall in love with it, but the next thing you know, you are already lurking for something new. Ika nga nila, collect and select the best. You can’t just say “this is the dress that I want for my big day”. Remember, a dress looks different if you’re the one who’s wearing it. A bride needs to ‘feel’ the dress. Don't procrastinate and then feel rushed.

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