Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wedding Keepsakes ♥

Though it's too early to decide what souvenirs to give our guests, I have already started canvassing during the early stages of our planning stage. To be exact, year 2010. LOL. Even before Mark and I decided where the ceremony would take place, I never stopped searching the Internet for potential keepsakes. Something that would remind our guests about our wedding. I wanted to have something that would define our personalities.
I didn’t know that looking for a possible keepsake for a wedding can be demanding too. (Maybe just for me); to be frank, I’m really confuse what wedding souvenirs to choose. We should choose a souvenir that also depicts our personality. So, in that case, it must be pink and girly, blue and quiet? Okay, so that’s kinda hard. :D
 My friend Rodel, even said that it's too early to look for our wedding souvenirs. He advised that we should start from the biggest to the smallest detail. Like church, reception, entourage & guest list, gown and down to souvenirs. He said that I should consider souvenirs as a miscellaneous. However, being an excited bride, it didn’t stop me from looking for possible giveaways.
On the other hand, while our package in GEH already includes 50 souvenirs, Mark and I still opted to look for another souvenirs. To be frank, we really didn’t like their souvenirs. It is so old-school, or perhaps, we are just not a fan of figurines (doves, hearts, houses, couple dancing, etc). Mark even said to me, “bagay naman yang souvenirs nila, diba vintage ang theme natin?” –but of course, he only meant it as a joke. :D
So here are the choices Mark and I have in mind. Still don’t have a final decision yet. - & we have no plans on deciding on it yet. It’s too early pa. We still have a long way to think about it ;)
Since I'm 1/4 chinese, it's also a good idea to have this ;)

I don't know the reason why I thought of these as our souvenirs

Since we want something useful, we're also thinking about giving scribble pads

To express our love for sweets :D

Or the craze these days, Photobooth!!! :)
 I was about to add some pictures too from Polka David, but their website has already been suspended. Alas, I didn't save the pictures. -- it's super cute pa naman. It's a tin can with white beads on it; shape is a bride's dress; and the other one is a tin can too, but the shape is tuxedo.

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