Thursday, June 9, 2011

Wedding Veil: Birdcage

Long train for my wedding gown has been a part of my fantasy when I was still a little girl. But as my preference and belief changes, having a long train plus the usual veil came out of the picture. :D  
I am pretty sure, that having ruffles and overlay on my wedding gown would suit a bird cage veil. This is not a typical wedding veil that brides wear during their wedding day, since the long veil looks more romantic (for me); whereas the net type focuses more on the fashion side (just an opinion).
I am planning to make my own bird cage veil, but I am not that crafty, so I guess I am left with no choice at all but to find a supplier. Along with my bird cage veil, my 'girls' are going to have their head piece too! ♥ Hopefully,we can find these stuff somewhere in Baclaran/Divisoria bridal shops. :D 

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