Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Flowers on Wedding Reception

It pays a lot if a bride-to-be knows something about flowers. – This is a great help most especially in choosing the right flowers on their wedding day.
Sadly, I am not that well-rounded with the varieties of flowers. If prospected suppliers would ask me what kind of bouquet I want on my wedding day, I will definitely stutter and would end up saying: ‘Basta po kulay pink’. (Pink, as in Santan?) :D –
Yes, there are thousands of flowers that B2b’s can choose from - there are: Gerbera, Carnation, Mums, Sweet Williams, Machola and so much more. Clueless as I am, I didn’t even know that these flowers exist; as the flowers I’m only familiar with are: orchids, sampaguita, yellow bell and bougainvillea (I even searched google for the correct spelling of this flower. LOL)
So right now, though I already have a supplier in mind, (Ready to meet them in Mid-September for the contract signing) I am still a bit puzzled whether to hire them as well for the reception set-up.
Originally, Mark and I decided to have GEH adorn the function hall on our wedding day. Their package ranges from 6000 to 10,000) and since I do not know much about flowers, I guess it’s not a bad idea to choose the 10,000 package :D . The banquet specialist (Laila) promised that the venue will look super bongga, which I really liked. But here’s the catch, we cannot choose what kind of flowers they are going to decorate the whole function room. She said that our motif would be followed (starting from drapes, curtains down to table covers) – but I’m pretty scared that the flowers they are going to use wouldn’t match our wedding colors.
Sample:  (Basic set up ) -- sadly, I don’t have any samples from their 6,800 – 10,000 rates.
Photo courtesy from: Shutterbride (http://shutterbride.wordpress.com)

 Here's a glimpse of how GEH grand ballroom function room looks like without a set up
Winding stairs - isn't it lovely? ☻

Taken from my camera ☻

Another supplier which we have in mind for the venue set up is Ysabela’s Florist. They do drapes & venue set up of course. However, looking at the 2nd quotation they have sent me, their rates when it comes to venue set up is definitely 100% more expensive as compared to GEH set up rates. Let’s do the math:
Tall vase top arrangements – 700 * 18 (tables) = 12600

Couples Table – 3,500

Couples Back drop – 6,000

Presidential Long Table – 6,000

That would be 22,700 plus the 560 corkage fee from GEH. – okay so this one is so totally out of our budget. Yes flowers do bring up the mood for every occasion, but this is way too costly for the budget we have set on venue decoration. But if their rates are negotiable, then there’s no reason for us not to book them ;) – it remains to be seen though. 

Sample set- up ♥ -- these are really lovely

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  1. I let the staff at this place know that I am always happy to speak to anyone that is thinking about holding their wedding reception there.


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