Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The quest for my wedding dress - Part 2 ♥

Last Sunday, Mark and I went to Rosy's bridal Center, in Redemptorist Baclaran. True to its tag, the owner and the manananahi are very accommodating -- They kept us calling 'apo' and 'anak'.

Our original plan was to go to GEH, so we can start our staggered payments. (Ang sakit kaya mag labas ng malaking pera on the wedding day itself), but due to heavy rain, Mark and I both decided to go to
RBC instead and inquire about their wedding gown packages.

The owner handed me a book full of designs created by his son, Ogie Bamba. I was very amazed and I loved each gown he designed! (Now I’m already thinking to have 2 gowns for our wedding day); most especially that their rates are very 100% tempting! When I say tempting, I really mean, 100% affordable. But that’s not to declare that their gowns are cheap. Along with Ogie’s sketches, they also showed me the albums that their clients gave them as a remembrance and sign of gratitude for creating their gowns at its perfection. Frankly speaking, their work is really beautiful, to the extent that I already feel exaggerating this post as well as every time I share RBC to my friends.

This bridal shop is truly an answered pray to me, most especially that we're having a tight budget wedding. And to top that, they also have actress/actor clients.  Some even say that most of their designs can stand up side by side with couture gowns that cost more than ten times.

B2B's can opt to bring their own design (which I am going to do) and they will happily tailor it for you. They also have lots of bridal magazines where brides can choose designs; or Ogie can happily design a gown for you too. :)

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Contact Information for Rosy’s Bridal Center

Address: 1489 & 1491 Redemptorist Rd., Baclaran, Paranaque City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Telephone No: 8321616
Telefax: 8310929
Website : http://www.rosysbridalcenter.multiply.com

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