Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wedding Checklist - Part 2 ♥

10 more months to go before our wedding day, and I think we're almost complete with our wedding checklist. But of course we haven't booked these suppliers; because most of them require us to make a down payment 6 months before the big day.

So let me rundown the dream team we have booked and we're going to book in the next 4 months.

Church: Don Bosco - we already made a down payment last March amounting to 2,000. This is actually the lowest down payment I have checked because most of the churches I have called requires a 50% down payment.

Churches I have inquired: Manila Cathedral (10k downpayment); Malate Church (50% downpayment); Guadalupe Church (7,500 downpayment)

The lower the down payment, the higher the balance would be. So meaning, we still have 20,500 balance w/ Don Bosco. :D

Reception: Great Eastern Hotel - the first time I called GEH, they told me that the down payment for blocking the date would be 20% of the total bill. I already estimated that our bill would go beyond 70K for 100 guests, so I was thinking that we have to down 14,000. So 2,000 plus 14,000 (of course we have to block GEH and Don Bosco at the same time) would be 16,000. However, when Mark and I went to GEH, they told us that they accept pencil bookings, but we opted to make a down payment instead. Good thing Laila (the banquet specialist), who was so friendly & very accommodating allowed us to give 5,000 only for the down payment. 

The moment we were able to block the date with Don Bosco & GEH, Mark and I felt the this is it moment. :D Because we were able to accomplish the most crucial part of the wedding planning stage. -- reserving the church and reception. ;)

Gowns/Suits/Barongs: Rosy's Bridal Center - Honestly, I am not the type of B2b who would splurge something on a dress that can only be worn once. Perhaps twice, on our renewal vows. But I don't think my body built would still be the same 2 years from now. On that note, Mark and I opted to look for a bridal shop that provides quality gowns & suits.

They didn't require us to make a down payment but they told us to come back on February for the gown fitting. However, being a paranoid and super OC bride-to-be, I just said we'll come back on November.

Flowers: Ysabela Florist - I have been exchanging emails and text messages with the proprietess of Ysabela Florist, and I can really tell that she is very accomodating. I don't know much about flowers so I don't know if her rates are more affordable as compared to others. I've set a budget of 7k for the entourage bouquets, but her rates are actually lower from what I have expected.

 Bridal Bouquet   -       1,200 x 1 = 1,200.00
1maid of honor       -        600  x 1 =    600.00               
4 bridesmaids         -         400 x 4 = 1,600.00
4 groomsmen         -         50 x 4  =     200.00
2 flower girls          -        300 x 2 =  600.00
3 secondary sponsors (male) 50 x 3 = 150.00
3 secondary sponsors (female) 75 x 3 = 225
                                                   Total of: 4,575
And to top that, they are giving us a free throw bouquet and loose petals. :)

Photo and Video Services: KikongManlalarawan - I am very fortunate to have an office mate who is a professional photographer. The discount he gave me is tantamount to the normal rate of an amateur photographer. :D

However, he has a condition with the rates he gave me. He told me not to tell anyone the rates he quoted me. Even Kiko was shocked with the original quote he gave. LOL

-         a whole day of pre nuptial photo/video session*
-    post processing of all shots - edit and layout
-    at least two professional photographers on wedding day with Kiko as the main photographer
-    one framed photo canvas print at least 16 x 20 in size
-    one main album with at least 150 photos mostly in 5R (5x7) prints
-    a DVD containing all shots (printed and not printed) edited, in JPEG (approx 1MB per photo). 
-    delivery of album, prints, DVD within Metro Manila**

-    Audio Visual Presentation featuring photos and videos from
                prenup sessions, wedding ceremony and two MTV’s                             
-    Full video coverage including editing                            

All the while, I didn't know that we can afford an onsite video editing (this was actually Mark's frustration), thank you so much Kiko for being so kind. :)

Strings: Velvet Mood
- this was actually the only option I had in mind. Sir Edwin is very accomodating.

Downpayment required is only 2,000 and date is changeable. They do not limit the number of songs they would play unlike other strings. Couples can request songs, and can modify the repertoire. 


Quartet Instrumental (4 instrumental artist-performers) or
Trio Instrumental plus 1 singer (male-tenor) or (female-soprano)
Local rate / Manila           
church ceremony only...    11,000 Php (net)       
reception performance...    11,000 Php (net)       
ceremony and reception...    13,500 Php (net)       

Guest List: Frankly, I didn't know that making a guest list is difficult & to be honest, we cannot invite all our friends, because the number of guests would surely soar up. We originally wanted to have 80-100 guests, but as of right now, we already have 180 guests. -- but we haven't informed them yet. We will notify them 6 months before the wedding. And since we are having a tight-wedding budget, we would be strict with the RSVP thingy. :D. We scrutinized the people we've known for quite some time and would only invite true friends who will be there not just on the ceremony & reception, but friends who would be there even after the wedding day. 

Wines: Rachebeli Wines - This wasn't actually part of the plan, but Mark and I think that it would be elegant if we give wine for our _________.

Entourage List: Related link:

We still have a long way to go, and our wedding checklist is not yet complete; but I can pretty tell that we're already getting there. We must face the reality that it's getting nearer and nearer, and we are very much excited about it.

With all the stress and sleepless days (not nights because I sleep during daytime:) come the wedding day, I will be stress free already. Because I've had enough stress during the planning stage. :)

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