Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Rachebeli Wines

Originally, Mark and I planned that we would give sinamay lamps to our primary sponsors, but we're a bit worried about the packaging that we have to use, since the lamps that we're planning to give them are quite huge.

So when I came across the Rachebeli wines website (which I have been seeing on the forum website I have subscribed to, but didn't bother to read it) ; it made me so interested because one of the flavors they are selling is actually my favorite fruit-- mango! :) -- so the favor is upon me again.

Good thing Rachebeli has a summer promo, and we are so fortunate that we can make use of it even if the wedding is still next year. They do have great freebies and one thing I love the most about their product is they customize the wine label at no additional cost! To top that, they offer free delivery within the Metro. ;)

Part of every purchase you make goes to Project Brave K.I.D.S. whose mission is to assist children with cancer and their families by enhancing their social, emotional and physical well-being in the hopes of improving their quality of life.

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