Friday, June 17, 2011

Choosing our Bridal Entourage ♥

Planning for our wedding is very exciting, stressful and tiring. There are lots of things that need to be finalized starting from church, reception, gowns, flowers and even the matches. :D But one of the most important things to take into consideration during this planning stage is choosing the persons who would march along with us – the bridal entourage.

Frankly speaking, I didn't have a hard time choosing my bridal entourage; since I have great friends who are very supportive and would find a perfect role on our wedding day. Unfortunately, I cannot include them all on my list. But then - if Mark and I have the means, I would include each and everyone of them on my bridal entourage. ♥

We have to be careful on choosing the bridal entourage. We need to pick someone that can support and guide us not just during the wedding planning stage; but someone who will really be there for us when the wedding day is over. 

Since my family is not that big – (though I have 2 older sister I haven’t seen in my entire life; whom I think and wish could also be part of my bridal entourage – but way too impossible to happen) I have to choose someone from my circle of TRUE friends. Friends who have witnessed how Mark and I ended to each other’s arms. 

So let’s start with my maid of honor. 

Jenny Lyn Mirabueno (okay, I just spelled your name correctly) - I personally hand-picked this person not just because she’s too close to my heart but because she knows the real story behind Mark’s love interest for me. She witnessed how Mark & I started.

I also read from a magazine that we should choose a MOH who really works close to you (as in by distance). There’s no point to choose your super close friend if she works abroad. Remember, a MOH has a big part on the wedding. She does most of the tasks: D – so this is also one of the reasons why I chose Jenny Lyn Mirabueno. hehe

Bridesmaids (Angelique Samonte, Lady Therese Marielle Libo-on, Edry Rebamontan & Abigail Tamayo)

Okay, so these are the ladies who are my super friends during my child hood days up to this moment)

Angelique or Gica is my niece (the daughter of my late cousin); she was my playmate when I was still a little girl and when her parents got married, I was part of the entourage too ;) – flower girl. 

Lady Therese Marielle Libo-on – my best friend in college ;) & will always be my best friend for the rest of my life! ♥

Edry Rebamontan – my chum during IBM days. She knows everything about my love life. From crushes to bf’s. LOL. She’s like an older sister to me. 

Abigail Tamayo – another close friend of mine here at OSRP. She is so nice and so supportive and makes me realize and feel that our small budget for the wedding would really go a long way. 

Principal sponsors (from my side only) – actually a lot of people are recommending themselves to be a part of my principal sponsors; however I just opted to choose 3 pairs from my side. These are the people who really helped my family and never left us in spite of everything. ;)

Secondary Sponsors –, since Mark has 3 sisters, it’s a good idea to include them as my secondary sponsors. 

Flower girls – my little sister (Angelica) and her playmate (Cindy). Cindy’s mother is a good friend of my mom and she knows how my relationship with Mark started ;)

Of course Mark has his own list of entourage too, but as far as I know, these guys are his ‘kababata’.

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