Friday, June 3, 2011

Bridal Car choices

Unlike other b2b's, bridal car is included on my top list. It is so essential to me since this is the means that would take me to the wedding ceremony. So I have to find a good supplier, who arrives earlier than our call time & that wouldn't bring me to the pits, and leave me riding a cab or even worse, a pedicab :D I have nothing against those means of transpo, but I don't want to experience boo-boo's on our wedding day.
Looking for a vendor for bridal car didn't give me too much stress because I already have three suppliers in mind. (Thank you to my wedding magazines!) We're choosing among: Don Robert, Will You Mini Me & Fly to Manila.
Don Robert offers vintage cars, while Will You Mini Me only caters Mini coopers; whereas Fly to Manila has regular bridal cars like Toyota, Honda, and even fortuner. Looking at the prices they sent me, Fly to Manila has the most reasonable rates which is good for 8 hours -- most of the bridal car services only offers 3-4 hours.
Below are the choices that we have in mind, to suit our wedding theme. :)
1932 Studebaker

Pearl White Mini Cooper

1936 Austin Lichfield

1965 Mustang (Vertical Doors)
Chedeng! :)
Or if our budget permits (which I think is impossible, because the rent for this bridal trolley is P20,000.00 :D) we're gonna rent a trolley for our entourage. ♥ (If lang naman)

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