Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Entourage Gowns Inspiration

Looking for a wedding gown is easier said than done, but I just found out that searching for entourage gown designs is more difficult-- (for me) 

Most likely the reason behind this is because I know the design that I want for my wedding gown, but I am not so sure if the design I would pick for my bridesmaids would suit their taste, and the other way around. But since my 'girls' are going to shoulder the expenses for their dress, I am giving them the freedom to choose the design they want. So long they follow the rules I have set. IT MUST BE SOMETHING CONSERVATIVE. Not because I am conservative – but certainly because Don Bosco is way too strict when it comes to wedding attires. 

My MOH, together with some helpful friends are still looking for the entourage gowns that would suit our 'Vintage Style' theme. Vintage gown with a touch of pink can be very tricky; most especially that the designs we’ve seen online are almost the same. Long, backless, haltered. – We wanted something unique

Here are some of our wedding gown designs that we are trying to envision (Thank you ruffles) --but then of course colors would change according to our wedding motif ;)

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