Friday, October 28, 2011

Planning for the Chocolate and Oatmeal Wedding Favors

I know I've posted few times already that we're going to have a candy buffet on our reception, but the final verdict is we are no longer getting the candy buffet services anymore for the ff reasons:
1st, Up to this moment, I haven’t received the bank details she promised me 1 week ago. I need these details so I can block our wedding date for her services. But please take note that I am not taking this against her, since I know that she’s pretty busy lately most especially that it’s already peak season (Halloween and Christmas season). She is very accommodating over the phone and her rates are really affordable. I’ve read super great reviews about her, not just in FN but also on other website, but my heart says that I really have to let it go.
2nd the corkage fee we have to pay at Great Eastern Hotel just to bring in the candy buffet we were supposed to get
3rd my mom is a diabetic, so she wouldn’t enjoy this. Haha!
4th not everyone would appreciate candies. (I guess)
However, just like what the home TV shopping voice over would say on their show, -- but wait THERE’s more – even if we are no longer getting the services of this *supplier*, we are going to have our own sweet wedding favors – and that would be home made chocolate & oatmeal cookies!
Since I have started with my DIY’s this would be a great opportunity for me to pack the oatmeal and chocolates using God’s gift of creativity. :D
Fortunately, one of my agents is so into baking, and she will be the one who’s going to bake the cookies (oatmeal and choco chip cookies) plus make the home made chocolates. We’re planning to buy blocks of chocolates from Chocolate Lovers.
As per the boxes, I’ve already started getting in touch with this supplier I saw from, and I can truly say that her boxes are really affordable!
Here’s a glimpse of how the boxes look like: 

She offers other boxes too at a very affordable rate. Here’s her contact number if you’re interested:
09472827621/09273018139 and
I am still thinking if we should use the heart shaped box or the normal squared box. Whichever comes cheaper, then that's where we're going to settle. 
I am still planning how to design the boxes. Below are some of my inspirations: (minus the ribbon and silver beads)

For the cover, I am already thinking to stick our monogram on it. :D 

Our oatmeal packaging would look like this 

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