Monday, October 10, 2011

Detailed Wedding Checklist

292 more days to go and it feels as if I am having wedding jitters already. I am having sleepless nights, my heart keeps on pounding too fast every time I think about the so-called big day. This time around, there is no more time to be lax with the preparations, most especially that time is running swiftly ;)
Initially, when Mark and I started the wedding preps, I promised to myself to follow the wedding calendar time line I have created. Sadly, we weren’t able to follow the details I have marked on my calendar, and unfortunately, there are some things that we weren’t able to accomplish on time. But I can still say that we’re still on the right track. – and lucky enough to book our budget friendly suppliers.
So for all bride-to-be’s out there, who are planning for their own wedding, it is a must to have a check list. Checklist would help you not to forget even the smallest details of your wedding. To be honest, if I don’t have the detailed checklist that one of my friends from Female Network sent me, I would totally forget that we still need to buy PENS and MATCHES needed during wedding ceremony! Looking at the checklist, I am quite proud that we’re almost 70% complete with the wedding details. 
So if you're a bride, and planning for a wedding, it is a MUST to have your own wedding checklist. Much better if you compare and contrast the checklists on the Internet, because some of these checklists have different details on it. Just like what I did, I printed out a couple of checklists, filed them on a *special* folder, and PROMISED myself to update it from time to time. But due to my busy schedule at work and granted that I do not have a professional wedding planner, most of these checklist are still *unused/checked*. Hehe. But despite this, I am still confident that we’re on the right track! (I hope so) To believe it or not, the checklist that I have been using most of the time is as the same size of a post it notepad. :D  
Here are some checklists that might be helpful all throughout the wedding preps: 

This is the special folder I was referring :D

Or if you want to get a copy of the detailed excel sheet that I am using, just shoot me an email and I can send it over: --
If the check boxes on the detailed check list that you are using have more unchecked text boxes/check boxes or whatever you call it, start working on it. It's not a good idea to cram if you're planning for your big day - unless you have your own professional wedding planner ;) 
So on our part, here's the unfinished list that Mark and I need to accomplish before 2011 ends. It’s a shame that I posted a time line before but ended up not accomplishing those tasks. :D
Oct 29 – meet up with Ysabela Florist to discuss the packages we’re going to get from them.
Nov 13 – buy materials for Invitations, canvass wedding attire
Nov 20 – new schedule for Trial make up
Dec 6 – Pre Cana Seminar ;) 

Dec 17 - Pamamanhikan (Dowry) - moved from September
Just a few, but mind you, this is just a partial list. I'm not pretty sure if something might come up, since I am not that organized in terms of the things we need to accomplish. For me, a single saved message on my Inbox would suffice the things I need to double check on the checklist, but that is no way reliable. haha. 
I know more canvassing and activities would happen on the next few months most especially on the first 2 months of 2012, and right now, I am hoping and praying that no major boo-boos would happen as the wedding day gets nearer.

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