Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Girl Behind the Crystals and Beads

For the past few months, I have been blogging about my wedding preparations as well as with my suppliers. Since we’ve already booked the suppliers we need to book for our big day, it would be hard for me to update my blog with all my wedding inspirations. Meaning, I’m lost with ideas already. Haha.
So to help me keep from updating my blog, I think it’s also a great idea to blog about my friends who are continuously helping and supporting me all throughout this stressful process. – With all the kind of stress, I think planning for a wedding is the greatest stressed I am experiencing right now. I’m relatively keyed up to *meet* wedding jitters!
I’ve already introduced my Maid-Of-Honor, and now it’s about time to give the limelight to the girl behind the beads and bouquets – the girl who would create the bridal entourage bouquets, boutonnieres and wedding cord.
Hazel was my previous agent and was apparently transferred to a different team. I actually had a hard time letting her go since she was very diligent and actually one of the best reps I had ever since I got promoted. –except that she has tardiness issues. Lol. However, recently, I just realized that it’s actually a blessing  that she got transferred to a different team too, since without this instance, we wouldn’t be super close, as there will always be a border line between the Team lead and the agent.
I can still remember when Hazel sent an e-mail, thanking about the things I have done for her. See below:
                “I’m very thankful & proud to have you as my TL.  You’ve been very helpful to me (to us) since day 1.  You’re very approachable, kind & easy to get along with, which makes me feel very welcome.  So even if I’m a shy person (esp. at first), I feel comfortable in approaching you when I have questions, when I need help on some requests, etc.  I’ve learn so much from you, & I know I’ll learn more from you.  You always encourage us to be the best.  You inspire us to believe in ourselves that “WE ARE CAPABLE”… YOU inspire ME.  You’re an instrument for our growth as individual CSAs & as a team, Team CHI.  You’re a role model.  Hard worker. An outstanding leader.  You deserve where you are right now & more. J  You’re such a blessing to us.  When I learned about this Flatter Me Line for the CSA group, you’re the first person that came into my mind.  I want you to know that I appreciate YOU.  I’m doing this not for anything but because of just one simple reason…. YOU DESERVE IT!!! J  I meant every word. And you deserve to know that you are appreciated. Keep it up! Again,…THANK YOU!!!!”
So fast forward, Hazel loves creating beaded wallets and because of my nosiness, I asked her to create our wedding cord as her gift to us. Haha. After agreeing with my request, I also asked her if she can also create boutonnieres, pens, and down to the crystal bouquets. Sorry for requesting too much. Hehe. Before agreeing, she showed me some samples that really made me feel so giddy and was 100% sure that she works like a professional bead-maker? (not sure with the term though)
So Hazel, before you thanked me for being so helpful, and now it's about time, that I say "Thank you for being so accommodating with all my requests. You're such a blessing to Mark and I, and  I want you to know that I appreciate all your works. :D Mark and I can no longer wait to see the finished products too! ♥
That's Leah (one of the offerors, who said that she's going to offer Bayabas and Nilagang Saba on my wedding day) and Hazel ;)
To see Hazel's works, please check:

Interested to have her create the boutonnieres on your wedding day? Please contact her thru: 
09157983425/ 09284385736

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