Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Dress Dilemma

I have been upset for the past few days since a good friend of mine,  I met thru Female Network just informed me about the off-putting experience her friend encountered with one of our major suppliers. – Rosy’s Bridal shop. According to her, Rosy’s has a tendency to cancel and is usually late for the schedule for fitting of entourage gowns as well as with the promised delivery date of their finished product.

I am not blogging this to tip off the other brides, don’t get me wrong but I still love them and is more than willing to take the possibility of having them create my gown, except I am quite disappointed w/ their time management. I just hope this is just an isolated case, and wouldn’t happen on our part, since Mark and I already set our minds to get their services. So what I am thinking right now is to still get their services, but we wouldn’t tell them the exact date of the wedding so they wouldn’t be laid-back on the time frame. I just hope everything turns out well.

However, according to H2b, it is still much better look for an alternative supplier who doesn’t forgo quality and deliver it’s best to their clients.

And since I am already talking about wedding gown, let me share the wedding gown designs that Sis Karmie made just for me. ;) I am so happy that I subscribed to Female Network, since I have learned so many things and got too many tips from the 2012 Brides ♥
Design 1
Design 2
Since Don Bosco is quite strict with the dress code, I am planning to use design 2 as a part of my inspiration and add overlay to keep me from wearing a tube. ;) Bird cage veil would look perfect on this design! ♥ Can't wait to see the actual wedding dress, which I would see and wear in a couple of months. ;)

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