Monday, September 19, 2011

Wedding labels

While browsing some of the wedding checklist I have printed out, I noticed that Mark and I are complete with the major To-do’s before the wedding day. However, there’s this one fraction we must’ve missed out – and those are the useful templates and labels that we need to print out for the reception.
Yeah right, creating labels 8 months before the wedding is too early, but since I am too hands-on, its not bad to start as early as now to find designs for table numbers, gift tags and the like. This is not a big chunk of our wedding checklist, but I know this will be very useful not just to the receptionist, but it will make the wedding party more organize. 
Here's the sample table number I've created ♥
Brown and Pink to match our wedding motif ☻  

We're planning to use this as our tags for our giveaways; aside from the mustache and *mwah* tags I've created before. 
 *Re-sharing* our Photo booth direction label ♥

  To cut down costs, we'll just buy specialty paper from a bookstore, and have the labels printed out from a computer shop. I can no longer wait to share the finished product for our labels!

Mark and I are also planning to provide a *Will You Be My* to our entourage - (will you be my is a print out that soon to be weds give to their close friends whom they chose to take part of the wedding entourage; and since I've been an Internet Savvy bride-to-be, I'm just planning to tag these pictures on their Facebook account. Haha. So no need to print em out and that's a great bang for the buck! ♥ It may be too casual, but for sure our friends would appreciate it that much given that we chose them to be a part of our bridal entourage.

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