Friday, September 23, 2011

Lady, another part of the entourage ♥

It’s exclusively a "rest – month" for me, since I wanted to keep myself from being to hectic preparing the bits and pieces for our big day. No more booking and schedule agenda yet, but I know for sure that starting next month, my days would be already demanding. And to keep myself thinking too much about the wedding, I went out to meet my college BFF who also happens to be my bridesmaid.  It was actually a great feeling to see each after a very long time. She’s still the Lady I’ve known – funny, adorable, sweet and a friend who can really make me laugh big time!
No, we didn’t talk about our wedding, but instead, reminisced the good ol times we had during college days. It's so nice to have another outlet too aside from being too busy about the wedding! I missed this kind of life. Going out with friends, Made fun about our friends, and of course, picture shots galore. Yes, we are really freaks when it comes to taking pictures. :D  
We had dinner at Kitchen, Greenbelt and went to Qoola to grab dessert. And since she’s turning 25 this 28th, I gave her a Birthday card. Sorry BFF, your Bes doesn’t have moola, so no bongga gift for you! To my surprise, after I handed her the birthday card, she gave me a blackberry housing! :D                                                                      
Sharing our pictures! :)
It was actually Lady who encouraged me to get a BlackBerry too. Good thing H2B was kind enough to buy me one as an Anniversary gift. Teehee.

Birthday card for BFF ♥

Some Random Shots we took from S. Galaxy tab

Another one!

Taken at Kitchen, Greenbelt

Lady's gift to me! -- A hello kitty back casing ;)

Another wacky pic ;)

After having a late dinner, we went straight to Qoola to grab our healthy dessert -- Raspberry and Cheesy Yogurt!

To prove our love for pictures together, take a look at the pictures we kept during our college days together ;) 

Breakfast at the Pancake house before going to school :)

Collage she made during 2nd year college

Yes, this was taken from a restroom

Studying Law -:)

We may not have bonded that much after our graduation, but we truly believe that our friendship is more on the low-maintenance side. Because after not seeing for a long period of time we were still able to take the conversation from wherever we had left without having any complaints at all. ♥

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