Monday, September 19, 2011

Canon in D and Bridal March

To all bride-to-be’s who still do not know the new ruling about playing of love songs during the bridal march, please be advised that the Commission of Liturgy recently announced that only Canon in D and Bridal March are only allowed to be played during the bridal march. This new rule will be implemented on October 2011.
Thank you so much sis Chie ( for sharing this information! It’s so nice to be in the know a few months before the wedding. At least we still have a lot of time to adjust and adapt though. ;)
Below is the letter received by a bride – to be that sis also posted in the 2012 brides forum.
The parish would like to inform you of the revised GUIDELINES FOR WEDDING SINGERS/MUSICIANS. As per instruction of the Archdiocese of Manila – Commission on Liturgy, the Entourage and Bridal march are already part of the Wedding Mass so liturgical songs must be played. Only two songs were approved by the Commission on Liturgy, and these are: CANON IN D and BRIDAL MARCH. Love songs are only allowed during picture taking.
The church will implement this instruction effective October 2011, and revisions have been made in our Guidelines for wedding singers/musician (please see attached). All hand-outs given before the said date are now void. The parish in-house soloist and organist have been informed of this instruction. No special requests will be granted regarding this matter.

Thank you for your kind understanding regarding this matter.
If you have further questions, you may contact the Commission on Liturgy - Phone number: 02-4043891. You may also check the church where your wedding ceremony would take place and ask them if they are also implementing the said rule. ☻
So when I found out that love songs are no longer allowed to be played during the bridal march, I felt sad right away since I’ve already set my mind to have Velvet Mood play *Two Words* as I walked down the aisle. I have already fully absorbed the lyrics and shed too much tears as I listened to this song 2 months ago. :D  Fortunately, while I was browsing the internet to listen to different versions of Bridal March, I found this very beautiful piece that really made me feel the *this is it moment* again.
Beautiful bride to be’s, you might want to watch and listen to the video posted below. This is the version of John Cain's bridal march ♥

I've checked John Cain's official website, and unfortunately, the music sheet is not available, but for those who are interested to download the song, you may do so by going to this website: 

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  1. thanks so much for the update, re:music for bridal entrance. heard both versions, short and extended versions,and i think i am going to use this. thanks again!:)


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