Friday, September 2, 2011

What's up with Tiffany Chairs?

Tiffany chairs had a great impact to me while I was still scouting for caterers during the first quarter of the year. I have been very frustrated to find a supplier that offers a complete package including Tiffany chairs. So what’s up with Tiffany chairs that really made me gaga over it? I really don’t know, but I find this elegant, and it has been a part of my dream before to have Tiffany chairs on my wedding day. If not to all my guests, at least to the presidential table.Hehe. I guess, this is also a factor for other bride-to-be’s. We want the wedding reception to look elegant and having these types of chairs, accents the venue as well.  And so I searched for major suppliers, but most of them only offer these types of chairs unless you get their most expensive rate; or if you have a nice account executive, I bet you can get these chairs without an extra cost.
Before I got in touch with some of the caterers we were supposed to get before (but to be clear, we’re no longer getting a caterer since GEH will take care of our food,) I take a look at the set up they’ve previously done for a wedding, and if I don’t see any tiffany chairs at all, I immediately crossed them out on my list. So to cut the story short, I did find great suppliers offering tiffany chairs as a part of their package, but of course, I eventually decided to let go of this idea. It’s just a chair Katrina, this would contribute more expenses to your wedding day so let go of it – (my alter ego explained to me). So good bye.
So for other brides who are looking for a caterer that offers tiffany chairs even if you don’t get the most expensive package, you might want to to check Quidos Grill & CafĂ© ;) The last time I checked with them, their Standard package is only 45K good for 120Pax, plus free use of tiffany chairs ;) -- (There are other caterers offering tiffany chairs for free, but their rates are quite expensive if compared to Quidos) ;)
Below are some of the pictures I grabbed from their multiply account from one of their previous catered events.

Disclaimer - I am not working for Quido's - but just wanted to share this helpful supplier that made my heart leap when I found out that they do offer Tiffany chairs so long you get the Wedding/ Debut package ;)

Rental for Tiffany chairs for other suppliers is: 100 to 120 per piece ;) For other couples who also want to have their guests to take a sit on something unique -  they can also check the Ghost chair ;) Rental per piece is 160.00 (sourced through


  1. We got Quidos sis! But we're still thinking if we'll ask them to put ribbons sa chairs. What do you think is better? Okay kaya kung walang ribbons yung chairs? :)

  2. very helpful and informative sis =)

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  4. Bro - okay naman din ang may ribbons, pero , i prefer nung simple set up lang :) minimalist ako kuno. heheh. :) pero bro, what's ur motif ? may nakita din kasi ako na may ribbons ang tiffany chairs, super ganda din, wag lang super bright tlaaga ang colors =) pero looking at Quido's set up, maganda naman talaga pag may ribbons. kaya go with the ribbons na bro!!! heheh. gulo ko ba? :D @sis akasha- thank you so much! ♥

  5. Wow!! wonderful chairs...

  6. Superb decoration ! I will be happy to visit your blog again !

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