Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Introducing my Maid of Honor

Distance really does matter when it comes to choosing the bride’s maid of honor. The greater the distance, the harder it will be for the bride-to-be and maid of honor to communicate and work on the details for the said *big day*.   Since it doesn’t have to be a family member, choosing my maid of honor, whom I’ve known for not so long, was quite easy for me. -- Since the person I chose to be my maid of honor is just a few steps away from my desk here at the office –  :D and she’s Jenny Lyn Mirabueno.
Jenny Lyn who’s also known as Jhen, is such a sweet girl, and a super supportive friend when it comes to my wedding ideas. Though there may be times that she disagrees with my ideas, we would always end up compromising and end up with my inspirations for the wedding. It’s because she knows that this is my wedding, and everything must be followed according to my plans, needs and wants.
An added factor why I chose Jhen to be my MOH is that she is a good friend of my H2B too. Actually, the two of them were already super-friends even before Mark and I started our relationship. So meaning, Jhen knows how Mark started pursued me. ♥
Thank you Jhen for being so supportive, sweet and reliable for the entire wedding preparation. I know we still have few months to prepare for the big day, and I am pretty sure we’d be frenzied in the next few months!

Jhen is so sweet, and she makes it a point that we see each other before and after I leave the office! Haha. We always take our breaks together, and it’s a must that I say good bye to her before I leave the workplace. LOL
See our conversation below:

9:54 AMMirabueno, Jenny Lyn

i love u neng

9:54 AMMirabueno, Jenny Lyn

d p  kita nakikita..

9:54 AMChua, Katrina


love yo more neng

punta ako dyan

Introducing... my Maid of Honor! ♥
Sorry Neng for posting this :D
Me with the velvet lips! lol :D

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