Friday, September 9, 2011

Crystals and Beads bouquets

As promised by my friend (who will give us the wedding cord as a gift), she already showed me the ‘sample ‘wedding cord she’s making for us. I was really stunned when I saw the actual cord (first part) since it looks very well-designed and it was as if hand-crafted by a pro! Now Hazel, I bet you’d be famous if you start your own business making customized wedding cords. I know you’d be successful in this field!

Along with the wedding cord, she also brought a sample corsage made of beads. So part of my ideas right now is to replace the corsage & entourage flowers I am getting from my florist and replace it with beads and crystals. Oh no, I am thinking too much right now ! For sure this would be a great keepsake too.

Here are the samples she brought just today. Sorry, for the shaky hands!

Boutonnieres for Secondary Sponsors, Principal Sponsors and Parents. Guys: Brown/ Girls: Pink

We are going to wrap the wires with organza ;)
                                                  and the finished product!

Disclaimer: This is not yet the finished product. This is just the first cord (my cord) Hazel's still working on Mark's cord. We will accentuate the cord with Cross and our initials. ♥

and here's the finished product! ♥

 And since I already feel as if I am wearing a thinking cap right now, might as well share some pictures of the wedding bouquets I have in mind.

My first choice! ♥
             Here's a part and partial of my wedding bouquet in the making ♥

That's my friend's hand ;) 

Take a look at the pictures below to give you other ideas for a unique beaded bouquet! ♥ - I'm thinking of having my Bridesmaids and flowers girls to have this kind of crystal bouquets. Lovely, isn't it?

 And here's the girl behind the crystal beads!!! ♥ Thank you so much Hazel!  

Hazel and I :)
Hazel & yours truly, the Bride to be (b2b) :)

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