Thursday, September 15, 2011

Church Floral Arrangements

To substitute the services we're supposed to get from Ysabela for the entourage flowers (since we’re already having crystal bouquets), I finally decided to have them decorate the church where our wedding vows would take place – Don Bosco.  (Haven’t told this to H2B yet) :D
Don Bosco doesn’t need too much adornment since the church really looks beautiful even without flower decorations. How much more if we are going to embellish the place?  For sure, it would really look wonderful.
I always wanted pillars and curtains on the entrance to exude a dramatic feel as I glide my way to the altar; if only smoke machine is allowed probably I’d have it too. – lol, too much magical eh? Anyhow, I’d let Ysabela florist take care of the flower arrangements, and I am pretty sure they will be able to carry out every details I want most especially that I do not know much about flowers. I just want the church to be filled with flowers and make me feel as if I am a Princess. =)
Good thing Ysabela’s facebook page is always updated, that’s why I get to see every set up they’ve done from previous weddings. All of the pictures are quite impressive and I just can’t wait to see how they’d decorate Don Bosco. They usually do floral decorations for INC (Iglesia Ni Cristo) couples, and I am pretty confident that they will be able to execute the same beautiful set-up to Don Bosco  - I am saying this because the interior (such as high ceilings, walls, choir loft) of INC is really stunning and looks a bit different as compared to catholic churches ;) 

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