Monday, July 18, 2011

From Pale pink to Champage Gold then back to Brown and Pink ♥

From Orange and Gold, to Green and Pink, towards Brown and Pink then down to Pale Pink and Champagne Gold, and now we’re back to Brown Pink!
Mark said to me last Sunday that he didn’t want the Palette that GEH has for our motif (Pink and Gold). We do not want to buy new fabrics just to follow our motif, and so he said that we should stick with our concept, which is brown and pink. It shouldn’t be hard for me looking for styles and gowns for this motif, since I have been searching this style earlier this year.
Here’s a glimpse of how their fabric looks like for the Pale pink and gold:

Not even close to the motif we would like to have on our wedding. Good thing their fabric for brown and shade of pink really matched the colors we really wanted. And so we're back to Brown & Pink! :) (I find this much easier to search for wedding styles, as compared to Pale Pink & Gold.)
 If there's one color that looks good on almost every Pinoy and Pinay, it's brown. Not only does brown look good on healthy, tanned skin--for wedding attire, a brown lends just the right amount of class and warmth. A brown bag, sash or pair of shoes, simply adds a chic touch without being too loud. This neutral shade can also fit almost anyone--regardless of age or size--so, you don't have to worry dressing your entourage should you choose this flexible shade. Another plus for this color is that it may be easily paired with other hues as well. -- from
Here's the concept ♥

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