Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My Hair & Make-up Artist ♥

Last weekend, I scanned the bridal magazines I have and looked for potential HMUA. There are lots of advertisements and to believe it or not, I texted each and every one of them. (That would be a total of 55 HMUA) LOL.

Being a keen observer, HMUA’s are the fastest suppliers that are kind enough to reply to my text messages and was able to send the wedding packages on my e-mail. Of course, I wouldn’t book all of them since the reason why I texted these HMUA’s is the compare and contrast the packages they are going to send me. 

There was this supplier (I wouldn't divulge her name as to protect her), whom I believed over-charged me, or maybe because I don’t know much about make- ups. I couldn’t imagine that her rates start 15,000 for 1 pax ALONE. Dang, I wouldn’t spend that much just for a single supplier. Our 15K would REALLY go a long way. I’d rather apply foundation or press power by myself than to pay 15K. (okay, it just proves that I’m too stingy, but I think 15K for 1 PAX is not REALLY practical). :D Take note that 15K doesn’t include the trial make-up & pre-nup. Or maybe because this make-up artist is already famous and was able to build her brand already? Or could it be that instead of 1,500 pesos, I accidentally read it as 15,000. Ahaha. 

I also emailed MV Dela Cruz - Balo who was referred to me by an acquaintance I met online. Her rates are really reasonably priced & that made me so eager to book her ASAP.We've also exchanged e-mails and she even customized a package for me. With that being said, I immediately booked her, and we're going to have our first trial make-up on September! Gee, I can wait no longer. She sent me some sample pictures for the trial-make up she did for a friend -- & I can tell 100% honestly that she is such a great HMUA! I don't want to post the pics here without getting an approval from her friend. 

Here's the package she customized for me: 

Bride + 2 HMU
Basic Groom/Male Makeup
2 Trials HMU
Pre-nuptial photoshoot on location

Mode of Payment:
50% on the Trial Hair and Make-up
50% on the Wedding Day

Not bad for a budgeted wedding. ♥

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