Monday, July 18, 2011

Empress Ballroom

Yesterday, Mark and I went to Great Eastern Hotel, to check how the Empress Ballroom looks like. We finally decided, as in 100% not to rent the grand ballroom as to save wedding expenses. Honestly, I liked the Empress Ballroom and was actually happy with our mutual decision. Though it doesn’t have the winding stairs I’ve been dying to use on our wedding day, the Empress Ballroom looks better than what I have imagined. It can accommodate up to 220 guests, and has a big platform for the presidential table. The only downside for the function room is the chairs that will be used on the wedding day itself, so I am still thinking if we should upgrade the seats - okay, so here I am again, I just hate the work upgrade… I’m more practical already. =)
So moving on, we told the banquet specialist to change the contract and along with that, we also downgraded the reception set up. (From 10,000 to 6,800) We’re thinking that 6,800 rate is already enough since the function room we are going to rent is much smaller as compared to the Grand Ballroom.
Venue rate: 45,000

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