Friday, July 15, 2011

Way beyond the actual wedding timeline ♥

With a "not so short span of time", Mark and I was able to accomplish lots of things – as in we’re way ahead of the wedding timeline I have downloaded online.
Below are the things that need to be accomplished by every couple 11 to 12 months before their wedding date. But looking at the wedding timeline and lists we were able to accomplish, we were able to finish tasks that must be done at least 6 months before the wedding! Excited much, eh?

Some of the wedding flyers we collected

*Announced the engagement - immediately after the not-so formal proposal, we announced the engagement to my friends ;)

*Set a budget - Most crucial part of the planning stage. Good thing we were able to squeeze in our budget, and we're proud that the budget we have set is actually larger than the expected cost of our total wedding expenses!

*Decided what type of wedding we wanted – I had lots of wedding type I wanted. But due to our limited means, intimate wedding would be the best! 

*Drafted the preliminary guest list – this wasn’t an easy task! We have to choose very carefully whom we should invite on our wedding day; most especially that we’re going to have an intimate wedding

*Read lots of bridal magazines to get ideas – bridal magazines are too expensive, and I spent nearly 2,000 for just a number of bridal magazines. Thank goodness to the Internet and Female Network 2012 Brides forum, as I was able to get thousands of ideas for every bride-to-be. FYI, I started reading these mags during the last quarter of 2010.

*Dress research (to be accomplished at least 11 months before the wedding) - man, I already have the designs printed out 13 months before the wedding. Ahah

*Set a wedding date (to be accomplished at least 11 months before the wedding) - this was finalized last December 2010. Our wedding date is significant between us, since May is my birth month and 26 is our ‘monthsary’. But it would be much sweeter if we get married on our anniversary, however, since our anniversary falls on a weekend, and on the month of September, we opted to choose May since we didn’t want to wait that long. More than 1 and a half year is too much for planning a wedding. Prices would gradually increase, and we want to get price-locks.

*Started ceremony and reception search – we didn't have enough time doing ocular visits, since Mark & I are both busy. But given that I have lots of resources and spends most of the time in front of the computer, it was an advantage for me as I was able to research about the venue first, before visiting it. Actually, the only church we’ve visited was Don Bosco, Makati , where the wedding would take place) & City Garden Suites in Manila & Great Eastern Hotel in Makati Avenue. – And if we were given the chance to do ocular visits, for sure, the wedding date would be somewhere in Las Pinas or Alabang. Hehe. But there’s no backing out here!!!

*Created a wedding website  – our official WEDsite was officially loaded last December 07, 2010. Too early. LOL. Link:

*Determined our wedding color palette and theme – okay, since I’ve been a lover of Pink, it is a must that this shade must be incorporated on our wedding. I had a hard time choosing the palette, since I have lots of choices in mind. Colorful & girly. But I’m not the only one who’s getting married here, so ending, our palette is: Pale Pink + Peach + Champagne gold ;)

*Reserved a ceremony and reception site – last January, we were able to reserve our date in City Garden Suite; however since we decided to change the venue, we were able to finalize the ceremony and reception site in Makati. We reserved the church and hotel at the same time last March 12 2011. – such a major accomplishment!

*Selected the bridal entourage – this was an easy task because Mark and I already have the idea whom to choose.

*Started negotiating with – Photographer, videographer, emcee, bands and florists – this was a tedious task for me, because I have to be very patient waiting for their replies thru texts and e-mails. I had a hard time choosing the suppliers, because most of contacts I have seen online are quite impressing. But fortunately, I was able to book them already. This task took me 4 months actually – I started searching them since February. :D

We still have lots of things to accomplish, but we’re pretty glad that we were able to accomplish the major tasks. ;) We’re getting there!

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