Thursday, July 28, 2011

1950's Entourage Dress

Looking for entourage dresses is somehow trouble-free, since there are really lots of websites that B2B can check online. The only problem with these sites, are most of their designs are almost the same. Just like in my case, I actually had a hard time looking for possible designs for my ‘girls’ since the idea of the gowns I am eyeing is more on the 50’s time or vintage. When I think of the ‘vintage style; I actually picture out gowns worn by queens and princesses, more of a Victorian Era. – which is way too different from the vintage theme I want to have. Good thing, I remembered the dress worn by Katy Perry on her MTV – thinking of you. That’s the kind of dress that I want my girls to wear on my wedding day (except that the color is not black!). Her hairstyle, make up, the bird cage veil, that’s the look I want my girls to achieve on my big day! 

Here are the sample 1950's bridesmaids gown, that I want my girls to wear ♥ Of course, the color would be: Pink and Brown ;)

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