Thursday, July 7, 2011

My bridal car: Mini Cooper ♥

Before deciding what bridal car to book on our wedding day, Mark and I had few options in mind.

Aside from Cadillac, Benz and other vintage cars, I also wanted to ride on a Chrysler on our wedding day. So I tried to inquire to Manila Bridal Cars for the rental fee but unfortunately, their rate had bumped up and they are not yet open for bookings. 

So I got in touch with Cho (contact person for Zandel's mini cooper rentals), and inquired about the terms and conditions if we are going to rent out a mini cooper. I even asked him if Mark and I would fit in inside the car, since mini-cooper is in fact small. (kaya nga mini eh). Cho  said  “just imagine, Mr. Bean who is a 6-ft tall was able to squeeze himself inside his mini-cooper” so with that being said, and after a few days of consideration, I decided to book them. 
Actual car (grabbed from their multiply site)

Just Married Plate

Mark was happy with the concept since he’s a fan of vintage cars too. So this is it! – mini cooper as my bridal car! We’re still thinking if we’re going to get a custom plate, but that’s an additional 900.00. 

Peso Power: 6,000 good for 4 hours, driver, flowers and default just married plate. 
 Down Payment: 50%, refundable. (They do accept pencil bookings)

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