Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Wedding Cupcakes ♥

 Mark and I both have a sweet tooth – so it’s a must to give something sweet to our guests as one of our wedding favors.

Cupcakes are so in nowadays. It’s not just sweet, but also sophisticated & elegant once they are placed on a cupcake tower. Guests are not normally privileged to get a chance to taste the wedding cake during the reception. However, this sweet favor provides them the opportunity to taste something that is as sweet as the wedding cake ;)

Thank goodness, my officemate, knows how to bake and is more than willing to do the cupcakes on my wedding! Last Monday, I was able to taste the cupcake she made. Here’s a glimpse of how her cupcakes look like. We’re planning to put wedding toppers in lieu of icing.

The actual cupcake I've tasted for FREE! ♥ SWEET! 

We'll add some toppers and ribbons and for sure our wedding cupcakes would look a lil bit like these! ♥


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