Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wedding Invitations Ideas

Though we haven’t informed formally the special people (primary sponsors & bridal entourage) who will take part on our wedding day, Mark and I are almost done with our guest list. We only reserved 100 seats in GEH, and will only add tables 2 weeks before the wedding day for our additional guests. There are really great chances that the number of guests would increase, because ideally, preparing & finalizing the guests should be done at least 3 weeks before the wedding date. Most especially, there will be a someone, who would tell that they would attend the wedding, but come the day itself, they wouldn’t even bother telling you that they can’t make it. LOL.

So along with the guest lists, I think this is also a great time to think of the invites we’re going to give out. We only want our invites to be simple – not too much ornaments, beads, crystals and the like; but not to the extent that we’d only use a simple colored paper.

One of my Bridesmaid's friend, would like to design our invites. Concept would be a CD case wherein we could also give as a souvenir for our guests. But I told her I don't want CD's to be inserted on the invitations, just a plain invite would do. Here's the sample pic:
But the problem with this is, I don't want our pictures to be printed on the invites. After all, there will come a time that our invitations will be thrown out after our wedding.  ☻☻☻ -- I don't want someone to see our pictures on the invites on a trash can.
My P/V is also willing the do the layout and print out invitations. But it remains to be seen though; since I still want to canvass and enjoy myself visiting the busy streets of Divisoria and try to haggle with the manong’s and manang’s.

So here are the sample designs I want for my invites: 

To be honest, it's quite difficult to find Brown & Pink wedding invitations online, since most of the searches that came up on Google are for Debuts, Baby Shower & Baptismal. I hope this wouldn't a problem for us. ♥ Or could it be that our color preferences do not match for a wedding event? Oh well, hopefully not! LOL

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