Friday, July 29, 2011

Suppliers Check list

Time flies so fast and up to this moment, I still can't believe that I am already going to marry the 'man of my dreams' (naks - cheesy!) Up until now, I still feel that I am mommy and daddy’s girl, and cant’ do something on my own. As if I am trapped with the memoirs of my childhood days.  (Emote much) ♥

 Looking at the countdown timer I have on my blog, I can feel that it's getting nearer and nearer. I can still recall, the time I started this blog, the timer was more than a year, so I am still undecided to generate a timer on my blog. But here it is: Mark and I are getting married in 9 months and 28 days. Woot woot! Ohhh, we just can’t wait! 
Wedding countdown as of July 29 2011 ♥
We’re actually complete with the suppliers we need to book, and we’re pretty glad that Mark and I were able to do such things even without hiring a professional wedding planner! All we need to do right now is to take our time, and cherish the moments we have as a BF-GF couple. Because come the wedding day, our lives would totally be different. ;) Our next major step, which is on September, is to take care of the documents needed by the church. (Baptismal & Confirmation Certificates). – okay, this is really getting so exciting. I can feel that we’re already getting there!

So here are the rundowns of the suppliers we were able to book. =) 

Church: St. John Bosco Parish Church, Makati City
Reception: Great Eastern Hotel, Empress Ballroom, Makati Avenue
Photographer/Video: Kikongmanlalarawan
Wines: Rachebeli
Wedding Bouquet: Ysabela Florist
Reception Stylist: Ysabela Florist
Photobooth: Picture Capture
Strings: Velvet Musicale
Bridal Car: Will You Mini Me
Emcee: Norly B. Dizon
Invites: Written in Ink
Gowns: Rosy’s Bridal Shop/Occasions
Wedding Favors: Mazey’s/ Papemelroti
Hair and Make Up: MV Dela Cruz - Balo

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