Monday, August 1, 2011

Our Partial Wedding Time Line ♥

My first article for August. Weeehhh!

Time flies so fast, and before we know it, it’s our wedding already. Since we’re complete with our suppliers, Mark and I decided to make a time line for the rest of the wedding preparations. And hopefully, we carry out these tasks without experiencing any problems along the way – most especially with the processing of our documents. I heard from a lot of B2B’s too, that acquiring a confirmation certificate is stressful to boot. There are times that the church where they had their confirmation doesn’t acknowledge or couldn’t find their records. So I am hoping and praying that we wouldn’t encounter such problems like these.

Time line:

August – mom said that she will take care of getting the copies of my baptismal & confirmation certificate.

September – request copies of NSO Birth Certificate; Mark’s turn to request copies of baptismal & confirmation certificate
-          1st trial make up with our HMUA – (My HMUA will try different looks and check what suits me best; geeee I am so excited. I want curly hair!!!)
-          Scheduled meet & greet of our families

October – meet up with the florist and visit the hotel so we can discuss the flowers that will be used to ornate the place.
                -distribute Save-the-Date cards (granted that our Photographer will be able to do the layout & printing on time)

November – gown fitting for the entourage & for my gown too! =)

December – Interview with the priest at Don Bosco!!!
-          Do layouts for invitations
January – meet up with Norly Dizon & our OTD to discuss the wedding program

February – submit songs to Velvet Musicale
-          Layout for Photobooth

March – request for Marriage License & Cenomar
                -distribute invitations; print misalletes

April – get the wines from supplier, buy accessories etc

May  - RELAX! & of course, pay the balances! =) 
         - rehearsal 

Obviously, the list isn't complete yet, and we still have lots of things to settle. But hopefully everything would turn out so well. We are so happy that Mark and I are beyond the wedding time line we have, and good thing, we started looking for wedding suppliers at an earlier time, so we don’t have to cram that much. For sure if I didn’t start looking for suppliers last December, wedding date would be moved at a later time – most especially that I am a fickle-minded bride ;)  
First few pictures we took during the first stage of the wedding planning! ♥
While browsing some of the wedding magazines, I saw an engagement ring that looks exactly as mine!

There's something wrong about this pic! As if dinikit lang ako. LOL

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